Michele Martinez will be blamed

By the New Santa Ana blog

Well, the Santa Ana City Council got their way – and not even their own supporters can figure out why they fired City Manager Paul Walters.  But here’s the kicker – from now on whatever happens in this city is going to be blamed on the Council.

Remember that at the last Council meeting the entire cabal begged for respect, in their closing comments.  But what they are now going to get is the blame – if crime goes up, if tax revenue goes down, if businesses close it will all get placed at the Council Members’ doorsteps.

And you can forget about blaming Mayor Miguel Pulido.  He no longer appoints Council Members to Council commissions and the Council rejected his request to serve on just one committee – transportation and development.  Pulido has the support of the people but this Council has cornered him. Read the rest of this entry »

Santa Ana City Manager Paul Walters

City of Santa Ana, Downtown Orange County Advisory: City Manager Submits Resignation

SANTA ANA, CA (January 31, 2013) – The Santa Ana City Council has agreed to accept the resignation of its City Manager, effective Friday, February 1, 2013. Pending finalization of an agreement to that effect, Mr. Paul Walters will continue to serve the City as a Law Enforcement Liaison, functioning in the role of a Police Commissioner with the specific duties to be determined by the City’s Police Chief and City Manager.

“Mr. Walters has served this City very well for many, many years” said Mayor Miguel Pulido, “and we are particularly appreciative of his leadership to the City and community during his tenure as City Manager. Mr. Walters worked closely with the City Council in handling some difficult financial issues and we are grateful for his service. Read the rest of this entry »

Paul Walters Fired

From the New Santa Ana blog

“The Santa Ana City Council was scheduled to meet Thursday afternoon to discuss the terms of its separation from City Manager Paul Walters, which could include a request for a public hearing on behalf of the fired administrator,” according to the L.A. Times.

I have it on good authority that, according to an anon source at City Hall, Walters will not in fact request a public hearing.  He does not want to see his family dragged through the mud by the insane City Council members. Read the rest of this entry »

Angry David Benavides

From the New Santa Ana blog

Update: Confirmed.  The Santa Ana City Council voted 6-1 to fire City Manager Paul Walters.

The Santa Ana City Council is still in closed session but one of our readers, in the audience, was tipped off moments ago that they have voted to do the unthinkable – they are going to fire City Manager Paul Walters even though he saved our city last year from a budget crisis created by the previous City Manager, Dave Ream, and the Council.

This is by no means the end of this story.  The Council will have to agendize this for a future meeting.  But they have the votes to see this through. Read the rest of this entry »

Commie Gang of Five Supporter

From the New Santa Ana blog

Carolina Sarmiento, of El Centro Cultural de Mexico, penned a ridiculous op-ed over at the union-funded Voice of OC, ripping our Santa Ana City Manager, Paul Walters, and demanding a national search for a new City Manager.   Obviously she timed this to coincide with tonight’s scheduled City Council meeting as the “Gang of Five” may be terminating Walters – with no cause to be sure.

Here are a few excerpts from Sarmiento’s delusional missive.  Note that she is essentially trying to pin the problems in our city, which stem from poverty, on Walters – this dear readers is class warfare, right from the writings of Karl Marx: Read the rest of this entry »


Is the Santa Ana City Council majority undermining their relationship with all of their city employees by going after their City Manager Paul Walters?  That is exactly what Adam Probolsky, an Orange County political consultant and pollster, suggested in a column posted today at the Voice of OC.

While Probolsky did not finger the attack on Walters specifically, he did suggest that “Demonizing public employees might be good for a sound bite, but it’s an ineffective management approach.”

Here is Probolsky’s column, in its entirety.  Let’s hope the Santa Ana City Council’s bullies take the time to read it: Read the rest of this entry »

Paul Walters and Sonia R. Carvalho

We have started an online petition to Save Paul Walters!  Please click here to sign it – the petition will be delivered to each of our Santa Ana City Council Members via email.

Here is the letter you will be sending to our Council Members: Read the rest of this entry »

Santa Ana City Logo

By: A Concerned Investor

To the members of the Santa Ana City Council and the citizens who voted for them.

It is shocking and disappointing that our elected officials are attempting to remove Mr. Paul Walters as City Manager when he successfully salvaged the city budget preventing bankruptcy. Mr. Walters is an extremely valuable asset to Santa Ana on many fronts including his years as Santa Ana’s Chief of Police. As Chief he made Santa Ana safer which makes the city a more desirable place to buy homes, build homes, and open business. The Statistics are facts that speak for themselves. (See below statistics) Read the rest of this entry »

Sarmiento and Benavides disrespect El Grito

Have Benavides and Sarmiento been secretly coordinating their attack on Walters?

From the New Santa Ana blog

Apparently Council Member David Benavides called the Santa Ana City Clerk, Maria Huizar, this Friday, in the morning at about 10 am, to instruct her to add an item to the agenda for the Council meeting set for this coming Tuesday, regarding the review of Santa Ana’s City Manager Paul Walters.  Click here to contact Huizar if you would like to confirm this.  You may also call her at 714.647.6520.

About a half hour later his colleague, according to my sources, Council Member Vince Sarmiento, made the same call, using the same language, to Huizar. Read the rest of this entry »

Council Member Vincent Sarmiento

Where were Sarmiento’s complaints before the majority took power?

From the New Santa Ana blog

I continue to be amazed by the lame excuses our Santa Ana Council Members are making with regard to their ongoing attempt to fire our successful City Manager, Paul Walters.  Here are the latest nuggets from the Council, from the O.C. Register:

  • “Some staff in particular only do the work of the mayor, and that’s been the culture of the city,” said Tinajero. Pulido has been mayor for 18 years, and worked for years alongside Walters’ predecessor, David Ream, and other top officials. (Our Response: Are you kidding? Tinajero worked with Ream too – in fact he essentially sold out after getting elected in 2006, when Ream arranged for Tinajero to serve on various well-paying municipal commissions!) Read the rest of this entry »

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